Monday, May 03, 2010

Nashville, May 3rd again.

Went for a little walk downtown. The something river is still rising, apparently, but the area we are here to visit is dry (and littered with junkies and Christian missions). We saw a huge BBQ truck pull up to Third Man Records and had brief dreams of a meaty treat from Jack, but it was just backing up to the mission to feed the homeless. There's a satellite uplink truck parked outside Third Man Records, though. Always a good sign of impending activity.

Nashville is dominated by a building that looks like something from an early Batman movie. If the gargoyles start to move in this place will def. become Gotham.

It's actually an ATT building, so when it lights up at night, with the AT&T Death Star between those two spikes it looks like the Eye of Sauron.


KaliDurga said...

Oh my god, did you have to word that in such a way? I will now think of that phrase every time I watch Jack in the videos from this night.

That aside, our post-breakfast walk was definitely fun. I really don't want to go home, perhaps I should become a junkie so I can hang around outside Third Man perpetually.

Peromyscus said...

You probably won't believe this, but by "meaty treat from Jack" (if that's what you're referring to), I actually was thinking about BBQ ribs. :)

Perhaps you could become a pretend junkie instead? You could pour your methadone away when the others weren't looking. All the benefits without any of the drawbacks.

I'm currently at Nashville airport, where, this being Music City, we're being treated to a show by a singer songwriter with a guitar. Nobody's paying any attention to him and I feel rather sorry for him.

KaliDurga said...

Having to be at the airport at 6:30am, I unfortunately missed any shows there. Saw the empty stages, though, and thought it was a great idea.

Actually, I should sell my methadone to the other junkies. That would help to pay for my true addiction at TMR.


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