Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plankton in the sea of cowards...

In Get off my lawn, I spoke about fanfiction and Diana Gabaldon's outbursts on the subject.

She's taken them down, along with the 1200 or so comments. In the piece I mentioned her language was so archaic it was hard to believe she was net savvy. Well, guess what, she's taken them down from the Wayback Machine as well. Pretty clever. And I didn't bother to save them because...well...they weren't worth it.

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If you care, you can find them in the first post here at Fandomwank. Our sea of cowards never forgets.

Catherynne M Valente's impassioned pro-fanfiction writer's take on the fuss.


Mike said...

Karen Elson, the red-haired former supermodel from Oldham, Lancashire, is sitting in a room that has been decorated in a style best described as "taxidermy chic". There is a stuffed giraffe in the corner and a disembodied buffalo head hangs off one wall, its shaggy fur wafting in the breeze every time someone walks past.

The dead animals are, I think, meant to indicate a certain rock'n'roll nonchalance: this, after all, is the Nashville headquarters of Third Man Records, the uber-trendy imprint founded by White Stripes frontman Jack White. The whole place looks like something out of a mad Gothic fairytale: burnished gold wall tiles, black floorboards and a series of willing female minions wearing identikit yellow dresses who bustle around making espressos.

Interview with Karen Elson

(I'd post this against the relevant article from a week or so, but I didn't know whether you'd see it.)

Peromyscus said...

Great post, Mike!

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Talking about fan fiction you have got to see this Eddie Izzard take on Star Wars.



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