Friday, May 21, 2010

Je suis le grand zombie

Maybe the operation didn't go as planned..I'm currently living on 3 hours sleep a day - and feeling fine the other 21. I went to bed between 9 and midnight but I'm up and chatting and surfing.

Doc 40 points out Zu Zu Mamou, a Dr. John masterpiece. I have to pass it on.

If you come to it cold, it might look kitsch. Believe me, it wasn't kitsch when we first heard it.

1 comment:

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Glad to hear you are ok.

Good, but I could never get into Dr John, just never clicked. A track I have got into at the moment is Dambala, either the Nina Simone version or the Exuma version . Not exactly The Dead Weather, but fantastic mood and delivery in either version.



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