Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apocalypse Next Week!

It's the end of the world, but not as we know it (Jim) -

Doc 40 (the legendary Mick Farren) and the even more legendary Deviants are celebrating the business end of the Mayan calendar with a suitably porklips-themed party on December 21st. Unfortunately for me, the shindig is in Brighton, England, and I am not.

However, you may be, so here's the flyer.

Mick points out that it's not a Deviants show per se, however.

It's from 8 until Doom and it's free, so go along and party like it's 1999 (again)!

1 comment:

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

How will we know that Doom has happened as under this Cameron government it feels as if we are stuck in Hell anyway!!!!

See you on the other side!!!!



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