Monday, August 11, 2008

Denver International Airport

I'm flying home today from DIA – the well-known headquarters of the Illuminati, where they have carved out a survival area for themselves under the Mile High plain of Denver.

Pics courtesy of the site linked below

There are many grotesque murals here in the terminals, a gargoyle, and a Masonic dedication plaque. The murals show what the New World Order elites plan for the world. They include depictions of three caskets holding dead people of different races, signifying the death of many peoples. A little girl is holding a Mayan tablet, signifying the end of the world at the close of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Cities and forests are shown in flames, and a green giant is seen destroying a city. Women are seen carrying dead babies and a German boy with an iron fist is shown collecting the weapons of the world and destroying them.

There are thousands of brass floor inlays. They have fascinating designs -words (some place names, some unknown) and fossils. Any idea what language these are?

The patterns are fossils, representing extinction. This one is also pentaradially symmetric, like the Pentagon or a pentagram.

So much material was removed during the building of DIA (even though the area is flat), that some people are convinced there is a secret city under here. This is apparently where the masters will retire to oversee the destruction of the world and the creation of the New World Order.

Here is a short video.

[Video has been removed]

More information at the website here.


Mike said...

Native American phrases from Colorado tribes.

Arapaho Place Name :-
niinenii-niicie = ‘tallow river’

Navajo Place Name :-
dzit-dit-gaii - 'white mountain'
(Conspiracy theorists may translate it as a Nazi phrase 'black sun')

Navajo :-
besh-dit-gaii - 'white metal' (tin)
Had to guess that one.

Peromyscus said...

Thanks, Mike! has someone saying,

DZIT DIT GAII means White Mountain referring to the areas where the Apache Live

Sisnaajini is White Shell Mountain (One of the 4 sacred mountains of the Navajo)

Cochetopa is Pass of the Buffalo in Ute

(Note that the person doing the debunking is a Thelemite. Ah, Illuminati. Playing both sides against each other.)

More at:

There is a tie-in with the mysterious cover of the Led Zeppelin DVD and the sacred mountains of the Navaho, but I've forgotten what it is.

Lori said...

besh-dit-gaii - 'white metal'

This probably refers to ORME. Orbitally Rearanged Monotomic Elements.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

DIT is also a data organizing file structure created by ORACLE based on a protocol of segregation and hierarchy in order to communicate with computers. And GAII is also Genome Analyzer II- a device created by Illumina to map the human genome. Both very influential and knowledge based companies with quite suspicious names.


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