Sunday, August 17, 2008

She was born to be my unicorn

The Lion and the Unicorn are the two magnificent heraldic animals on English crests. They've starred in Lewis Carroll - arguing over the lion's share of a cake. A Tyrannosaurus Rex album was entitled Unicorn and She Was Born to be my Unicorn is the title of a track thereupon.

This lovely scroll-saw carving of a heraldic unicorn was purchased at Worldcon last week. It's in bird's eye maple and is beautifully carved to bring out the characteristics of the wood. Cut as a jigsaw puzzle, it stands by itself and can be picked up whole and moved - luckily, as I'm pretty clumsy myself.


It's by Judy Peterson of Fantaminals. Their website ( is currently a bit down, which is endearing but means you can't see their other examples. Judy's email address is here. (I have slightly munged that address to foil robot email harvesters, so if you wish to write, please make the obvious changes before actually sending your request.

The whole display at Worldcon was lovely and I would have swept up the lot of to take home with me if I could. I am thinking of buying him a Lion mail order so they can stand together like the wonderful beasts they are.

unicorn detail

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