Monday, July 05, 2010

Eurockéennes -The Dead Weather

I thought I'd lay off the Dead Weather for a while, but they've forced me back into it. Here they are at Eurockéennes, Belfort city. It's a killer version of Will There Be Enough Water, which is a standout track any time, but here is a total motherfucker. As a bonus, Jack gets to insult a moron who climbs on the stage, Little Jack completely kills it with a Bonham-level assault on the drums at the end, and Jack (playfully) knocks Baby Ruthless over, once again. The Dead Weather are playing the sort of shows that haven't been seen for thirty years and might never be seen again. I'm going to see them twice this month because I do know what I got before it's gone, and it might be gone in a couple of months.


KaliDurga said...

Ah, a sad thought, that. Glad I'm getting my two (possibly last) shots in, as well.

But I also absolutely cannot wait to find out what's next.

David Cooke said...

Hello, it’s David,

Don’t know if Dad told you but me and Chris were actually at this festival. The Dead Weather were mind-blowing. For some crazy reason they were on about half 7 on the first day, I think it might be because they were booked quite late, and we nearly missed them. By far the best thing on all weekend, as you can see they rocked it! The Black Keys came in a close second for me though, you should try and check them out too if you’re not already on it, I think you’d like it.

Love x.


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