Thursday, July 15, 2010

I write like...

I write like
William Gibson

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I plugged in a few paragraphs of fiction and got this. May I say I'm extremely happy with that result.

Neuromancer was the game-changing book for me. I'd read SF forever before that but Neuromancer was the book where I wanted to live. (You may not be surprised to learn that Mad Max II (The Road Warrior) was the film where I wanted to live.) I don't think I write like Gibson, though - his style is quite challenging for me to read, however much I love it. Obviously my own stuff isn't challenging to write in the same way. (All writing is challenging, but I'm not consciously going over my comfort level in a William Gibson direction for effect.)

Just the other day, I was listening to the 1981 Duran Duran track Planet Earth, with its line "some New Romantic looking for the TV sound" and imagined young Bill Gibson thinking, "Surely that's New Romancer - like Necromancer...wait, Neuromancer?" and everything falling into place like lock tumblers. I don't know that for a fact, I just wonder.

For Mad Max lovers, here's the Dead Weather singing Gasoline while their resident artist paints a picture of the incredible Alison Mosshart.

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C said...

I got Vladimir Nabokov. Pretty pleased with that!


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