Friday, August 07, 2009

It Might Get Loud - Movie

We're getting close to the official release date of It Might Get Loud, the guitar documentary by Davis Guggenheim that features Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge. It will open in New York and Los Angeles on August 14th.

IMGL poster

I've seen it, of course, but I'll be seeing it again. I have the advantage of living close to LA. If a film is released, it gets a showing in LA. I feel for those of you who live in the non-North American places of the world, as it's going to be harder to see this. And it is worth seeing on a big screen, believe me. (My review here.)

These are the official "coming soon" dates. I'll be at the one in Irvine, CA. Anybody want to come with? Drop me a line.

Official site, with downloadable press kit. (I tried to blag one off the pimply junior jobsworth at the pre-release showing I was at and got treated like a combination of bank robber and leper for my temerity; if I'd known it was on the site, I would have given you the information in it months ago. Who would have thought Hollywood knew how to use teh internets? Not me!)


Long form trailer (French)

Jack White will be releasing the song you see him writing above in the trailer later this week - Fly Farm Blues.

There's a more than usually informative review here, from Here's another one from Music Radar. And the New York Times. And the press conference in LA with Jack and Jimmy. But hey, you don't need more persuading. Just make a date and go see it!

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