Monday, September 28, 2009

Bless the Weather

Here's some Dead Weather. The Outside Lands folks have put two of their 'live feed' songs from back in August 2009 on to YouTube. One is Hang You From The Heavens.

Watch Jack White's drumming the first minute or so. Keep an eye on his right hand. That's pretty show-offy, right? I hadn't seen him do that before. It's sort of understated and show-offy at the same time.

He doesn't do it during Will There Be Enough Water.

If you want to download the video of the rest of the Dead Weather's live Outside Lands broadcast, it's here.

Bless the Weather - a song by John Martyn.

1 comment:

KaliDurga said...

Whoa, the boy has mad skills. I'm now going to be watching that right hand like a hawk when I see them.


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