Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fashion week

It's fashion week, so this week I'm thinking about fashion. It's very confusing. The print LA Times had a piece on it today. This was the picture they used

Simone by Katie Nehra's First Date dress, $576 at, Current/Elliot shrunken shirt jacket in sun exposed, $330 at Jill Roberts, Beverly Hills; Brian Atwood quilted black patent leather Maniac shoes, $502 at

And this is part of the text of the article:
This season's retail scene looks like something out of "Wild Kingdom" with animal prints ruling as a major trend for fall. (snip)
Animal prints are a trend that should not be paired with other current trends -- meaning don't mix animal prints with shoulder pads or distressed denim.
Is that not distressed denim with shoulder pads?

Well, I have another 51 weeks before I have to think about it again anyway.


Malia said...

Shoulder pads are back? And distressed denim? I loved the eighties, but really? I'm going to hide in a hole until the nineties come around again. Emerging in my Doc Martins and plaid flannel.

Peromyscus said...

Defeatist. Just get out your distressed denim that doesn't look like distressed denim and shoulder pads-lite. Add some Jaguar and Bob's your uncle. I think I have some of each at the back of the coat cupboard. This might be my year for fashion!


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