Sunday, September 06, 2009


In this week's We're Doomed segment, a look at our future masters.

Oddly, STB and Jack White both pointed this one out to me. (He has a blog on The Vault. JW that is, not STB.) It's probably the first time their interests have ever coincided and neither of them said whether they actually liked what they saw. One imagines that both of them clearly envisioned the end of the human race while watching this otherwise routine YouTube video.

My god, it's fast. And so inhuman.

STB sent me this one too. This robot actually runs, as in picks up both feet in a human style that results in both feet being off the ground at the same time during part of the cycle. It's a first, and, assuming you want a robot that can run, a breakthrough. Bipedal running makes it seem quite human. A chicken might surmise it was a very chicken robot, of course.

Here's an even more likely end of days scenario. With a shrinking, aging population and a dislike of immigration, Japan is developing ways to care to for people without using people. This is not at all human, in a way that is far creepier than the robot hand. RIBA gives me the willies but I have a feeling I'll be seeing that face again sometime.

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