Monday, September 28, 2009

In My Time of Dying

Bootlegs, otherwise known as Recordings of Independent Origin (ROIO), not to be confused with illegal downloads of regularly released records, are most always proudly offered as flac files. For a couple of years I've been religiously burning every boot to CD to listen to it. It's very much in the spirit of boots to have a physical CD to listen to. However, on Saturday STB, searching for the zipless DVD ripper, discovered VLC Media Player.

Not only has it revolutionized the way we watch flvs, downloaded mpgs, mp4s and stray vobs, it also smoothly took over my flac files and plays them perfectly. No longer do I have to burn a disc and listen to it in the car.

I'm currently listening to Led Zeppelin's 1975-03-11 show at Long Beach, CA. It's known as Californication, from the EVSD release of the same name. Downloaded from a filesharing site (not a torrent) and played on VLC, it sounds perfect. Excuse me...I'm going to listen to In My Time of Dying now.

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