Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Dead Weather San Diego and San Francisco

Here are my photos from the San Diego Street Scene set of The Dead Weather.

Here is a download of the official live broadcast of The Dead Weather from Outside Lands. Stream captured by a wonderful person and uploaded here.

Here courtesy of YouTuber 1985wasagreatyear is The Dead Weather at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco this weekend.

You Just Can't Win missing?

So Far From Your Weapon missing?

Rocking Horse missing?


KaliDurga said...

Interesting. I hadn't watched this version of I Can't Hear You before. Wonder what precipitated the shift from Jack singing along with Ruthless to the two of them abusing each other...

Peromyscus said...

Classic love triangle. The adoration-fest between Jack and Dean is so strong during this number in SF that she couldn't get between them.

I'm sure she made them both suffer for it later.


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