Friday, September 18, 2009

It's the internet's fault, again

The New York Times has an opinion column on Joe Wilson's outburst on the floor of Congress - shouting "You lie!" at his president - and concludes: "That [*] country is gone. And in terms of biases that have faded, that’s a good thing. But partly due to the Internet, the standards of behavior in this new country are terrible. If Beaver and Wally were around today, they’d likely be writing snarky, revealing blogs about June and Ward. "

Yep, I blame teh internets. If the damn thing would just go away and leave the country to proper role models like the NYT, we'd all be doffing hats and saying "ma'am" a lot just like in the good old days.

[*] "That country" = "the country that they grew up in is not going to be the country that their kids and grandkids grew up in."
No, I don't know what that means either, but that's what it says.

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