Sunday, April 04, 2010


Huge earthquake in Baja California about fifteen minutes ago. Estimated to be magnitude 7.2. It got to us in SJC about the time a friend of mine in San Diego phoned to say it was coming. Although it wasn't particularly violent, it lasted for at least twenty seconds and frankly felt as though the house was on the back of a camel - that same lurching-forward motion. Everything rattled but I don't think the house moved on the foundations. I really hope not.

The rolling motion lasted long enough to build up to big waves in the pool - the water sloshed out on both sides and knocked the cleaning hatch off from underneath.

(Edited now magnitude is known.)


Carroll said...

I wondered about you guys down there. Sounds like you got a pretty good shake up!

Peromyscus said...

We did - it wasn't too scary because it was quite gentle, but it kept on going and going and going until everything was rocking around!


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