Monday, April 05, 2010

Photoautobiography of Jimmy Page

As you no doubt know, a deluxe photoautobiography of Jimmy Page is coming out soon. Limited Edition, with an unknown price tag, but if it is similar to the other Genesis luxury le's out there, $600 would not be be a bad guess.

This, on the Les Paul Forum, is one fan's story of how he submitted his previously unseen 1977 photos of Led Zeppelin to Ross Halfin for the book and is likely to see them published.

(Edit: Link to the story taken down at Drew Stawin's request in order to keep control of his story. The story is still viewable at the Les Paul forum,

Obviously Drew Stawin is not able to show his best photos as they are now awaiting their first publication, but he put several others in the thread. Loved this one, which shows Jimmy Page's roadie wearing a Rorer 714 t shirt. Is he wearing Jimmy's shirt from the 1977 rehearsals? Or was Jimmy wearing the roadie's t shirt at the rehearsals? Or did everybody have them in 1977?

(Edit: Photo taken down at Drew Stawin's request.)

Jimmy in the shirt

Gotta love Jimmy, who looked fabulous in almost any clothes. Rorer 714, as you may know, is the marking on the pills known as Quaaludes in the US and Mandrax in the UK. That's the (legal at the time) drug that contributed to the death of much missed Paul Kossoff and thoroughly screwed up many, many more rock and roll lives. And Jimmy probably wasn't even being ironic...

Edit to add: None of Drew Stawin's photos made it into the book, but some are still available at the links above.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Can you check with your vast encylopaedia of LZ material something that I have always had nagging at the back of my mind (what is left of it!!) I am sure that I saw Jimmy Page at the sleazy rock dive in the street at the rear of the Thornes electrical shop in Dewsbury. Must have been the early 60s (Probably 62 or 63)and the weirdest thing is I am sure he was backing of all people Screaming Lord Sutch!!!!

I might be wrong but I am sure it was Jimmy.


Peromyscus said...

I haven't had chance to check any reference books, but it could well have been. Jimmy and Sutch knew each other and Jimmy played on a couple of his records. I didn't know Jimmy did any touring at that time - after being sick on the road with Neil Christian's Crusaders, he mostly did studio work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peromyscus,
This is Drew, please take the link to my story down asap re; Jimmy Page Photoautobiography. This is very exciting, and I want the distribution of the story and photos in my control, I'm sure you would want the same! Thanks.
Best regards,

Peromyscus said...

Done, Drew. Good luck with your excellent pictures. I hope some of my $700 for the book goes in your direction.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peromyscus, Drew here. Thanks very much for pulling the link. I am very flattered that you posted the link and the photo. It was, and is now again after 33 years, an awesome experience! I'll keep you posted!
Best regards,

Peromyscus said...

No problem, Drew, and best of luck with your amazing story and photos.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, just thought I would point out that HipSoul Clothing is now selling the classic Rorer 714 t-shirt here (they told me the mens version is coming soon):

Jimmy Page Quaalude Rorer 714 t-shirt

They actually have have a ton of cool rock tees, including a custom "Zoso" shirt that looks like Jimmy tripping his face off in outer space... I'd never seen it before, so I just bought it (like 3 minutes ago!)... then I stumbled on this awesome photoautobiography post shortly afterward... thought I would mention the Rorer tee, might pick that one up next!

K, I'm all inspired now... off to jam some Zep!!


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