Sunday, January 16, 2011

Found on the web

From Slate magazine, a review of the Green Hornet movie (which fails to mention that the soundtrack contains the White Stripes' Red Death At 6:14 and Blue Orchid, for some reason) by Dana Stevens:
But all Gondry's films (not to mention his many remarkable music videos) share a strong sense of visual whimsy and an interest in the spectacle of people at play. His protagonists are children trapped in adult bodies, sometimes literally (as when Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine finds himself a baby again, being bathed in the sink by his mother) and always figuratively.
So, 'literally' a child trapped in an adult's body is an adult trapped in a baby's body? This new meaning of literally even eclipses even the old meaning of literally which was, "I am about to say something and I really mean it".

I love Michel Gondry's music videos. Try Cibo Matto's Sugar Water if you're not familiar with Gondry. Unfortunately Warner Bros doesn't allow me to embed it here and you probably can't be bothered to click on it, so I guess it'll go unwatched. Here's the making of video. I can embed that.

(Edit: well, that's been removed.)

I can't say if I'll go and see the Green Hornet though. I'm just not that interested in naff superheros. Or maybe the naffness is the point. Ah, Netflix it.

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