Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thunder on the Mountain

Some friends of mine are going to see Wanda 'n' Jack in Brooklyn this week. I'm jealous.

Here's Jack White back in action in Wanda Jackson's Thunder on the Mountain. "He's on fire," one friend commented re this video. "Jack does rockabilly quite believably," said another one.

Gorgeous video, I think. That dark oak paneled room is upstairs at the United Record Pressing plant. I've been there. Interesting juxtaposition between sexed-up slo-mo Jack buttoning his pink rock'n'roll togs at the beginning and Jack-getting-his-hair-ruffled-like-a-toddler-which-he-is-to-Wanda-let's-face-it later on.

Talking about believability, Jack White is one of the few guitar players I've ever heard who has absolutely no Chuck Berry genes. It doesn't seem to slow him down. And I'm getting used to the facial foliage.


KaliDurga said...

I was listening to De Stijl this morning on the way to the subway. In the beginning of Let's Build a Home, when his mother and brother are coaxing little Johnnie Gillis to sing a song, you can hear his brother at one point say "And sit still!" Thank goodness he never learned to, or this new video wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun. The boy is on fire (I may not be as old as Wanda, but I refer to him as a boy because of his exuberant boyishness).

I probably should have coerced you to shell out the bucks for Brooklyn. I'm very sorry that I didn't.

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

All I have got to say is Wanda's voice proves what a blessing a good sound mixer is!!

She was on Jools Holland New Year bash and she didn't sound a quarter as good as she does on the video. But got to agree about Jack he's "on fire" in the vid.


Peromyscus said...

Jools Holland made Wanda sound weaker than this?

I was just saying (to Kali Durga) that Wanda's voice in real life is much stronger than this video. This hardly begins to capture her nature. Live, she's a powerhouse who hasn't lost any of her vocal strength due to age, at least based on my seeing her last year. KD saw her last night, with Jack, so we should have a review tomorrow.

Bruv said...

Hi Sis

Got Wanda's album today and very disappointed. I don't know what Jack has done to her voice, but she sounds as if she has been sucking on an helium balloon and sound about 14 years old. He has either changed the pitch or speeded her voice up, something weird and only a couple of memorable tracks anyway.



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