Monday, January 31, 2011

The New Media

The New Media is apparently driving or permitting or facilitating revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Here it's facilitating conversations like the one I just had.
Text message: So everyone seems pretty devestated you left 4th period haha
My text reply: Oh I doubt it. I left 4th period last in 1976. You've probably texted a wrong number.
Text message: What?
I'll be sure to update you if my 4th period desertion is really causing repercussions up and down the space time continuum later. (Where 'later' has applicability, of course.)


KaliDurga said...

Your English accent was disorienting, obviously.

Interesting article about Egypt that mentions the "new media"'s involvement in the revolution:

Peromyscus said...

It is interesting, but I'm not sure what she's trying to say - is it that Egyptians don't hang out on Facebook and Twitter as many of them are dirt poor? Maybe, but take a look at the graph here to see what the government thought would help keep people off the streets.

I've been to Egypt, admittedly more than twenty years ago. There were people living in the landfill - it was their house and source of food and earnings. There were people living in the graveyards, with cardboard squares laid over the stones as roofs. There were people living in makeshift houses alongside a running sewer. I hoped things had gotten better along the way, but I guess it didn't. Let's hope it's about to get better now.

KaliDurga said...

Even if this does mark the beginning of a change, it's likely to take close to another 20 years to see a significant difference. And so many people live that way in so many places, will change ever come to them? I don't see impoverishment of that sort disappearing in our lifetimes, that's for sure.


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