Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Egypt in 1981

After only 33 years, I have made the photos of my trip to Egypt into a photo book. Well, technically I made them into a photo book in 1982, by arranging them in a scrapbook by affixing them with photo corners and adding hand written text, but that wasn't very robust.

Eventually, in 2013, I got offered a Groupon to have my photos scanned, so I did.

Then last month I was offered a Groupon for a Shutterfly photo book, so I did that too. In 2100 I expect to be offered a Groupon to have them turned into a 3D skywritten Bollywood movie on Mars, and I'll do that as well.

One of these days I hope to save up enough to go abroad again. Keep on saving me money, Groupon!


I'm not sure how either Groupon or Shutterfly makes any money, but I suppose that's not the point.

Click here to view a larger version of this photo book.

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