Monday, April 21, 2014

Lazaretto by Jack White (7" single, 2014)

Consequence of Sound has a write up, with pictures, of Jack White's Record Store Day Fastest Single escapade from Saturday, here. He recorded a single live in front of an audience at Third Man by direct cutting an acetate, which was taken to United Records Pressing, made into a master and the singles pressed. The singles were then brought back to the audience (and other shoppers) at Third Man - within four hours!

Here is the official Third Man video of the event. It includes the b side and a few more teasers. Great video!

Hmm, there are both Buzzards and Peacocks on stage with him. "Buzzcocks" is taken, so presumably they are the Peazzards.

Jack White's limited edition live single, Lazaretto played for you.

Here's the official video for the studio version, out tomorrow.

Thanks to the folks at The Little Room for finding the videos!

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