Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Wankard Pooser

Let's take a moment to review the life of Wankard Pooser, the felicitously-named Floridian and stormy petrel of the economy bloc.  He was born in the equally remarkably-christened town of DeFuniak Springs, had ten children and was a politician, amongst a plethora of other things.

In a 1958 article, Pooser referred to himself as a "famous author, statesman, [and] poet". It was also said that he was known around his city of residence as a "lawyer, ex-legislator, ... noted local after-dinner speaker, wit, [and] critic". His headstone at Pope Cemetery reads:

The one and only
Wankard POOSER
She love me too
27 Sep 1893
22 Feb 1978
To be continued
(From Wikipedia)
It's one of those names that only an American could have, like the similarly-apellated Buford Pusser, of whom I have heard because he died in a Corvette, and Death Cars - particularly Corvettes - are a thing of mine. Sheriff Buford Pusser, who Walked Tall, was a famous lawman, which is another peculiarly American thing, unless Detective Superintendent Leonard "Nipper" Read would fit the bill. (Probably not.)


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