Thursday, April 17, 2014

How you know vampires have thoroughly taken over pop culture

I was reading Wired to "catch up" on Orphan Black, the TV thriller the follows a passel of female clones as they attempt to uncover their origin and purpose.  (I watched the first season but I thought a recap was in order.) In a breathless rush, the writer, Devon Maloney, attempts to summarize hours of television in a few paragraphs. It's about clones, and eugenics and possibly nature versus nurture and the "terrifyingly talented" player of all the clones, Tatiana Maslany. About half way through we get this description:
Anyway, the clones grew up (and were closely monitored) under different circumstances around the world. We don’t exactly know Leekie’s motivation, apart from observing nature-versus-nurture in its purest form. (Eventually, we found out that each clone has a single differentiating gene that acts like a nametag.) Two clones, Sarah and Helena, were spirited away by their birth mother to protect them, which means they’ve grown up unmonitored, outside the experiment. Meanwhile, several of the other clones have begun to suffer from a mystery illness that involves coughing up your own blood.
(My italics.)

Wait, now we have to specify that blood which is coughed up is the character's own blood? Who else's blood could it be? Is this like Spinal Tap - the drummer Stumpy Joe Chiles who choked on someone else's vomit, except in this case you might assume a character choked on someone else's blood unless reassured otherwise?  

I blame the ubiquity of vampires. 

Then again, unlike in Stumpy Joe's case, where, as Nigel Tufnel remarked, "You can't dust for vomit", you can identify blood. But they are clones, so they all have the same blood. Perhaps this cryptic remark is actually a spoiler? (Probably not.)

Orphan Black Season 1 is available on Netflix. The second season begins airing on BBC America on April 19th. 

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