Friday, June 26, 2009

The Dead Weather Live at the Forum

Here's the video round up of The Dead Weather's show at the Forum in London on June 24th 2009.

Every time this band go out they get better. The first couple seemed pretty shaky, the one I went to last week vastly improved, and this one is significantly better again. It's like watching a butterfly develop right in front of you, except this butterfly is sort of dusty black with a skull and bones on each wing. And is noisy.

Actually, butterfly is probably a crap simile now I come to think about it.
Before the videos though, check out this nice review and excellent live photo collection from LiveOn35mm. Some lovely B&W photography here, with a handy how-to section at the end!

The Dead Weather will be playing Glastonbury in a few hours - Friday evening, British Summer Time time.

60 Feet Tall

Child of a Few Hours

Treat Me Like Your Mother

Hang You From The Heavens

Hang You From The Heavens (Color)

I Cut Like A Buffalo

Forever My Queen

No Hassle Night

Bone House (Color)

Sixty Feet Tall (Color)


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's more like a moth than a butterfly. They're nocturnal creatures ruled by the moon -- dusted ghostly pale and haunting, and seeming slightly crazed. Moths are like the undead goth butterflies of night.

I caught a few of The Dead Weather shows when they passed through L.A. this past week. They are indeed an awesome band. Well, just about anything Jack White gets involved in is bound to be pretty great.

(And why don't we ever hear much of this incredible music on our sucky L.A. radio stations, who keep spoon-feeding softcore pablum to the public?!? Don't even get me started on that. We had one decent indie rock station in L.A., 103 FM, and they killed it off.)

You're right about the pain of standing in line forever in the heat, that almost killed me at the Third Man Records in-store show.

The wait for the show at the Glass House in Pomona was even worse: standing up waiting indoors in a 90-degree oven for three hours before the band came on, with not nearly enough oxygen to breathe, packed like sardines and sweating until drenched and dripping, with no place to sit down even on the floor, and afraid to drink water because you don't want to lose your place by going to the bathroom, and it's hard to say if you could even get through the thousand tightly packed bodies without dying anyway. And that three hours of pure hell was *after* most people had been standing outside in the 100+ degree heat for hours, waiting for the doors to open.

I mean, the show was so incredible, and the view up front was great; so I'm glad I was able to endure it. But I would prefer it if they arranged these things to be a bit easier on their loyal fans, and not as marathon training tests of our ability to survive without spacesuits on the planet Venus.

I didn't happen to catch The Dead Weather show at The Mayan, so it was cool to read about it and watch the vidclips you posted. Terrific blog you've got here. Thanks for taking the time, and I hope you keep it going.

Peromyscus said...

Moth! Yes, you're right. Why didn't I think of that!

Yes, the line standing and the heat almost did for me too. I'm sorry to hear about the Glass House - I've seen a couple of other people say the same. It's a great band and worth waiting for but I don't see why it has to be an ordeal every time.

Thanks for the comments about the blog, it's always encouraging hear.


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