Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing Miss Demeanour

Did you notice how Jack White introduced Alison Mosshart as Baby Ruthless in this video? If she can be Baby Ruthless, I can be feminine but transgressively-named too.

Lessee... Miss Demeanour. (Note British spelling - much more exclusive.)

Here's me as Miss Demeanour eating a packet of Horehound-flavoured spogs (behind the bike shed or somewhere similarly frowned-upon by 'the man').

Nope, that looks like me, not Miss Demeanour.

No, a bit too "Hope".

Nope, too fine art.

That's it! Xerox art, that's the mark of someone who's actually pasted a fanzine together rather than just wittered on a blog. I'll go with that. [1]

[1] Although I didn't go to the effort of finding a Xerox and making multi-gen copies. I made it in Photoshop in like two minutes. It's pulling cute antics like that which got me known as Miss Demeanour, the transgressively-named blogger.

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