Thursday, June 11, 2009

A picture worth a hundred lives

Here's an excuse for a picture of a robust young Robert Plant and also to advertise a Brazilian charity.
Not only does Jimmy Page support poor children in Brazil via his ex-wife Jimena's ABC charity, but the photographer of the first Led Zeppelin gig in Australia, Ted Harvey, does also.

The Northern Rivers Echo has the photo in an article about his charitable efforts, which are supported by income from his Led Zeppelin photographs.

It seems almost too bizarre to be true, but a performance by Led Zeppelin at the Sydney Showgrounds in 1972 is now responsible for feeding and educating children in the slums of South America.

Ted Harvey was a freelance photographer who managed to score himself a press pass to the legendary gig and he now sells prints, posters and T-shirts of his images to support the work of a child development centre called Clubinho Viva Vida in Farol, northern Brazil.

“I heard about a baby boy abandoned in the Farol area,” Ted said. “He’d been dumped on a rubbish tip and rats had started to eat his toes and his back… He was found and taken to hospital and was in intensive care for three months.”
Unfortunately there's no contact address for Clubinho Viva Vido. However it's an interesting article, mostly about early Zeppelin rather than rats, and there's a great photo to go with it, at the link.

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