Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Might Get Loud at Los Angeles Film Festival

Both Jimmy Page and Jack White are in Los Angeles. Jimmy's mentioned in Ross Halfin's ever interesting diary here. Jack White plays the Roxy on Sunset Strip today, Wednesday, and Conan O'Brien on Thursday.

It Might Get Loud premieres at the LA Film Fest on Friday the 19th.

Ya think they might both be there? I'm thinking yes.

Annoying if so, because I'm not going to see It Might Get Loud until the Monday showing. Ah well, I went to Jimmy's last film premiere - The Song Remains the Same - in London so I can't feel too left out.

The LA Film Fest is odd to me. I live 60 miles south of LA and I've never heard of it before this year, although pretty much everyone talks about Sundance at every available opportunity. LA, I probably don't need to tell you, is a movie town. Everyone talks movies all the time. It's a major employer and the source of a lot of liquidity in the economy. Our local paper, the LA Times, has devoted many column inches recently to an HIV outbreak amongst the adult film performers and the efforts of OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health regulatory body) to mandate the wearing of condoms. Campaigning for safe work places in the city is a staple of local papers, of course, but LA being a movie town, instead of hard hats on construction sites, we have articles explaining the term "bareback", why it is in demand and why it is dangerous. The paper constantly has stories on the movie industry.

And yet I've never heard of LA Film Fest until this year. The LA Times' cut-out-n-throw-away section on the LA Times Book Festival was significantly thicker than last weeks' one on LA Film Fest. Dunno why.

Smile (BBC)
Anyway, I'm going to it. But I will be missing Jimmy Page's characteristic radiant smile and Jack White's characteristic scowl on the red carpet. Damn and blast.


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