Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manacles (not the good kind)

I work for a health care company. A few days ago I mentioned that not only does my company provide me with a BlackBerry, an item I'll end up paying for in my taxes whose only function is to make sure I'm connected to work even when I'm at home supposedly relaxing, but also with a pedometer so I can get into the health vibe thing when I'm not at work.

This week the management - that includes me, believe it or not - was reminded to consider the patient first in everything we do. Fair enough. I understand and approve of that sentiment. We were also given a Lance Armstrong-style rubber bracelet with a slogan on it and instructions to wear it to keep being reminded.

In the article a few days ago, I said they'd give me any piece of plastic with the company name on and require me to wear it if they could get away with it. I didn't expect this to come true quite so quickly.

Patients: you do come first in my mind.

Bracelet: you're in the drawer getting deprecated. Deal with it.

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