Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Barry the Sea Worm

Workers found a giant sea worm at a Newquay aquarium in the UK. Something was slicing the coral in two and attacking the fish. They set traps, but the creature ate the traps. Eventually, they took the coral reef apart to find a four-foot long poisonous worm, which, of course, they called Barry. Barry now has his own aquarium. They didn't say what they feed him. Probably unruly children.

Picture from the Daily Mail

Story in the Daily Mail.


Bruv said...

Hi Sis

It looks like an oversize ragworm or sarong worm "Hediste diversicolor" used by sea fishermen as bait for beach fishing in the UK. It has a nasty pair of pincers at the front end, but as far as I am aware it isn't poisonous / venomous. I have used them up to 12" long so 48" is supersize, must be all the Big Mac's that get dumped in the tank.


Peromyscus said...

Interesting. The article source said that it was capable of paralyzing a human 'permanently', whatever that means - don't people either die or recover from paralysis? And how did it crunch up the coral? I guess it's a case of the bait biting back.

Bruv said...
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