Thursday, April 09, 2009

Doomed, I tell you

We know that newspapers, the craggy, underappreciated grauniads (pun!) of our democratic freedoms are doomed - I've mentioned that before - by people who write for free, since they recently found the tools to self-publish just lying around on the interwebs thingy. This has led to unedited rubbish being published which is qualitatively worse than the approved rubbish that used to get published. (It says here.)

Apparently - this just in - regular people have also found the tools to make music lying around unguarded and have started to do it for themselves instead of leaving it to professionals. Horrors. This has never happened before, because, you know, music is, like, really hard and no-one had access to musical instruments or audiences who wanted to listen to regular people until this digital stuff was, like, just dropped in front of them by those stupid Open Sores information-just-wants-to-be-worthless penguin-hugging guys.

So thinks Matt Patterson of Big Hollywood, anyway.
Never before has music been so easy to create, distribute, and obtain. And never before has it been less inspired and inspiring; never before has it been so inconsequential to human affairs. The villain behind this terrible irony? Ones and zeros. Digitization has democratized the processes of musical composition and recording, beckoning the masses to participate in once rarefied and expensive art forms.
Well, if democracy is involved you can tell it's a loser straight off, right?

The main issues appear to be 1) nobody practices guitar any more and 2) if you can download music something happens to it that makes it less appreciated. Not sure what, but it's to do with the tragedy of the commons, a phrase that always makes me see red. As red as the People's Flag, in fact.

Anyway, have a read. It's possible to read while practicing finger exercises on the guitar, by the way. That'll show him.

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