Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Texts from Last Night

A website that preserves the best drunk, or just ill-advised, text messages sent in by readers. Texts from Last Night. Some of them are so droll that for a moment I suspected cheating. I doubt it as I doubt anyone could be so prolific at cheating.
(859): I ahte it when I peed a little on my shews. I got a litll bit on the automen in your room too.:/
(973): Tracy!! I don't have an ottoman in my room.
(859): Ohhh....do you have a dog shaped liek un automan?

(317): I swear to god I'm with a high end prostitute right now and shes the most interesting person I've ever met. She just took me in to share an evening.
(317): And as an added bonus she seems to have gotten a blood stain out of my favorite t-shirt

(805): Dude?? where did you go after Wildcats last night? Last I heard you went off with one of the girls we danced with?
(1-805): Negative - This is his GF, Bobby is in Jail for a DUI. Thanks for the info.
And many more.

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